Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Overdue Haul (aka: the over-haul)

Nice little haul today. Been wanting the Rock Candy remasters [Armored Saint, Vandenberg, and Krokus] for quite some time. I own the originals from the 80s, but the sound quality on these RC "Reloaded & Remastered" are far superior (normally the case with Rock Candy's releases). And I was able to get them for $10 a pop through RC's eBay store (last ones at that price too). Since they're based out of the UK, they're normally $18-$25 each. 

Haven't had a proper physical copy of Death Dealer and it's been out since 2013. If you're not familiar with this band, it consists of two Manowar alumni in its ranks; guitarist Ross "The Boss" Friedman and drummer Kenny "Rhino" Earl. Also includes Cage vocalist Sean Peck, guitarist Stu Marshall, bassist Mike Davis (Halford/Lizzy Borden). Such a MONSTER album. 

I finally have the new Kreator "Gods of Violence" in my clutches. I pre-ordered this months ago via UK because I wanted the Blu-ray edition of the 2014 concert instead of DVD. Usually if there's a CD deluxe edition that includes DVD then I'll opt for the Blu-ray instead. More for the sound quality than the video (but better video doesn't suck). Even if it means I have to order from the UK since many US distributors (including Amazon) won't carry the version I want. This also included an autographed Kreator CD booklet (which wa a bonus (talk about luck). 

And Hell Fire album "Metal Masses" released a strong album last year (March 2016). I didn't act on the pre-order so wound up grabbing the digi-album.  But they pressed new CDs and made them available last week. 

Some fantastic music today!

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