Sunday, February 19, 2017

Accept Some Y&T On Sabbath (aka: ASYTS)

Spending early Sunday afternoon with Accept. I was hooked on this band the day I heard "Fast As A Shark" back in he day.  Hollllllleeeeeeee shit! Been a fan ever since.

Accept - Blast From The Past Trailer (2002)

My mid-afternoon viewing pleasure. How can anyone not be a fan of Y&T? Dave Meniketti is such an underrated musician. The guy smokes on guitar (Rock, Blues - you name it) and capable of singing effortlessly (even to this day in 2017). Plus the late, great Phil Kennemore on bass. I'll never be able to watch this one enough. Definitely one of my favorite concert videos. And this CD/DVD was hard to come by as well. Was a thorn in my side for many years. 
Y&T - I Believe In You [Live: One Hot Night 2006]

Ended my afternoon with a look back at Black Sabbath's 2013 tour since today's Tony Iommi's birthday. Such a great show, even though Bill Ward wasn't onboard. So many fantastic songs here (aside from the classics). This was a nice little find. I had already pre-ordered the Blu-ray, then found out afterwards there was a CD/Blu-ray version released on the Vertigo label in the UK. Had to have it. The Deluxe Box set included three more songs, interviews and behind-the-scenes. Might have to get that at some point. And I'm looking forward to the package they'll be releasing later this year in regards to their final show (filmed a few weeks ago on Feb 4th). This time I'm waiting before I pre-order anything. 

Black Sabbath - Into The Void [Live 2013]

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