Monday, February 27, 2017

Almonds + Anthrax + Tesla = Almond Joy (aka: music with nuts but without coconut)

Busy work day always includes the best almonds EVER (
 Some kick ass old-school music courtesy of Anthrax......
 ......and Tesla - Rare physical CD of their live Albuquerque, NM appearance opening for the Scorpions June 14, 2012.  These CDs were recorded day of concert and sold after their set at the onsite merch locations for $10.  I wish all bands did this.  Metallica and Pearl Jam are the only two I know of today who record their shows and offer them to their fans for a small price. 
Tesla - "Signs" LIVE - Albuquerque, NM June 14, 2012 [opening for the Scorpions]

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