Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Metallica WorldWired Tour Presale (aka: wherever I may groan)

Ever since Metallica released this 10 second video "glitch" teaser on Feb 11th, many knew it was regarding a US Summer tour.  But the "when" and "where" had been left out completely.

Needless to say, speculation ensued and it was anyone's guess as to which cities they would actually be playing.  I knew it was a no-brainer for them to hit the big cities (Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, and so on).  But was hopeful there might be a stop here in Albuquerque, NM.  Only reason being?  Metallica makes it a habit of performing here every 8-13 years.  So if anything, we're overdue for a visit.

The dates were bestowed upon the masses yesterday morning at 7 AM local time and......yeeeeeaaaaahhhnnnnooooooo......no Albuquerque.  Well, so much for my hopefulness and throwing 58¢ worth of wishing pennies into the fountain (OK, street puddles). But they are playing all the cities I expected, plus some Canadian dates to boot, eh? (or is that..."a boot"?).  All ticket presale ticket dates were plastered across the internet.

Long story short - here's the link ➠ WORLDWIRED TOUR 2017 - NORTH AMERICAN PRESALES

Anyway, this just means the inevitable for me; ROAD TRIP!

Small nod to 'Wayne's World' which was released 25 years ago today.

Oh, and nice to see Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, and Gojira as support (Gojira replaces Volbeat a portion of the tour).  I'm a fan of all three and caught their live shows over the years. I have yet to be disappointed.  These bands actually have the fan base to headline their own shows, especially across the pond.  Some avid Metal/Hard Rock music fans for sure.  At least the international Metal/Hard/Rock fans don't follow music trends like many do here in the US.  Ugh......but I digress.

*cue Ennio Morricone's "Ecstasy of Gold"  [This piece of music made famous from the Clint Eastwood movie, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".  But also used as Metallica's intro music before hitting the stage since 1983.]

Tues Feb 14th ➔➔➔ Pre-sale tickets went on-sale at 9 AM local time.  I was preparing for this since 7:30 AM.

☑ Presale website open in its own window and on a separate monitor.
☑ Presale code.
☑ Credit card info.
☑ Coffee - full cup...fuck it...brought the entire pot into my office.
☑  Go pee....not leaving my office for a millisecond.

It's 8:59 AM.....I watch the seconds countdown....clicked the presale button at precisely 9 AM (say that sentence using Doc's voice from "Back to the Future"), barely blinked and I'm immediately placed in an online queue "waiting room" due to high ticket demand. Damn, that was quick!  I had to wait 36 minutes already?  COFFEE....STAT!


The 36 minutes elapsed, I'm ready to get this done and........what's this?  A new waiting room and I have to wait another 12 minutes?  Ummm, WTF?  OK....OK.....deep breath.  More coffee. All is good.

Of course these 12 minutes took longer than the the original 36 minutes (new math).  Well, the heavens parted, the sun shined and the birds sang because I was directed to the purchase window and was able to choose any package I desired (with the exception of the Snakepit; area closest to the stage, around the catwalk, front stage, and sold in very limited quantities).  Always wanted to be in the Metalli-Snakepit over the years.  Oh well.  Maybe when they tour again eight years from now.  You know, when I'm pushing 60 and unable to be far from any exit because of poor bladder control.  Yet again, I digress.

I really wanted to do the Meet & Greet.  It's been too long.  But holy shit......$2500 to meet the band?  Love them, but not gonna happen.  Never thought they'd be priced higher than Black Sabbath or KISS.  I miss the old Met Fan Club days where a member could choose the show they were attending on the Metallica website and your name would be placed in a lottery, and 20 people would be randomly chosen to meet the band.  And it was FREE!  You did have to pay for an annual membership, but that was $40.  So, no Meet & Greet this time around.

I purchased the ticket package I wanted and beyond excited to see a band I've always deemed my Rolling Stones.  Been a fan since their early years and never turned my back.  Many believe the band died when Cliff died. I get it.  But that's never been the case for me.  I've supported the band through the years buying their albums, vinyl, picture discs, posters, cassettes, CDs, concert tickets, t-shirts, jackets, caps, box sets, limited edition everything....the list goes on.  I've acquired a lot over the years and 100% worth it all.

Wherever I May Roam.  That'll be to Denver.....in June.  And it better not fuckin' snow.

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