Friday, January 8, 2016

Inaugural post

I created this little corner on the interweb to share things from this ol' brain of mine.

I work in the world of IT and love all things music, photography, movies, tech, science, writing, books, retro and a pinch of video games. That's not the entire list, but it's a start.  I'm into various things, perhaps too many. But writing has been something I've enjoyed (when time allowed) and have done most my life.

Even though I leverage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they don't serve a purpose many times when I just wanna 'go off' on whatever it is I wanna blab about.

I have an affinity to the number thirteen as there are many connections in my life that are connected to this "unlucky" double digit.  Not the case in my world.

I'm here to entertain myself and if anyone finds something remotely interesting, then tag-along if desire strikes.  I doubt this will be daily, but ya never know.  I could get a wild hair and bust out a few in a day.

Music is where it's at for me since I was a kid (Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Stoner Rock, Euro-Metal, Power Metal, Hard get the picture).  So there will be an abundance of music related posts. I'm not the CNN of the music world, but if something significant has happened or happens, I'll probably post something about it.

I'm big on:
  • Album release anniversaries (ie. Jan 4th:  Judas Priest released 'Defenders of the Faith' 32 years ago today.) I'll normally add a photo, one of my own concert stubs (if I attended the show), YouTube video etc.
  • Photography - pictures I've taken myself.
  • Remembering Rock stars after they left this Earth (ie. Jan 8th:  Remembering Steve Clark [Def Leppard guitarist] today.  He passed 25 years ago today and his music lives on forever).  It's not that I'm a morbid person.  I just like to take a moment to reflect on those we lost and share it with others. No harm.  No foul.
  • Music related album/CD/stream/download release dates (possibly even a review).
  • Sharing some thoughts regarding books I've read (I read a LOT of books).
  • Movie release dates, movie trailers and my thoughts on any given movie I've seen.
  • XBox One video games/release dates (because I'm a console gamer and prefer Xbox over Playstation at the moment).

So, while I'm here..........


brought to you by the number '13'

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