Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Ground Beneath releases new “SelfTitled” album

This CD covers the many facets of emotional high and lows of TGB founder, guitarist/vocalist and mastermind Steve Civerolo.  It’s a journey that needs to be visited repeatedly to absorb the complexity and nuances which make this album the incredible chunk of musical genius it is.  

I was mesmerized by the swelling of “It’s You / Blame”, the ferocity of “Say It”, “Disappear”, “RLS” and “Choke”. This also includes some built-in “soon to be classics” such as “Blame”, “Memphis” and the sing-along of “Mine”.  

You want humor? The closing track "Burjay" is hilarious and it deserves a few listens to catch it all. There are MANY peaks and valleys on here which encompass the human element. I wasn't disappointed with any of these tracks whatsoever. It's classic from head-to-toe and it deserves a lot of attention.

First listen will have anyone hooked. The jaunt is worth exploring as often as possible. Worthy to be included in everyone’s music collection.

The Ground Beneath:
Steve Civerolo – Vocals/Electric & Acoustic six & Twelve string guitars
Hunter McCoy – Bass
Brian "Bearface" Scott – Drums

Paul Civerolo – Guest lead electric six string guitar on “Lost In Me”
Jonathan “Jonny Law” Jonah (WarnerDrive vocalist) vocals on “Burjay”  
Brian Ostrom – Four string Bass guitar on “Memphis”
Laurie Selby – Cello on “It’s You”/”Blame”/”Not Me
Rick Fusco (yours truly) & Kenny Davis – Gang vocals on “Mine”.

The Ground Beneath - Blind [Official Video]

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