Sunday, February 23, 2014

KISS pre-Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame D-R-A-M-A

A few weeks ago news spread that KISS would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Fuckin’ finally! I was one of the thousands of avid KISS Army minions (rock soldiers…ahem) since the 70’s and it was gratifying to see this band enter into this “members only/super secret squirrel shit club” after being passed over year after year (since 1986) for real rockers like ABBA, The O’Jays and Talking Heads.

But wait, there’s more.

The RRHOF is only inducting the original members (Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter). Not the slew of past band members or artists who actually performed on the classic KISS albums.  I would need three days to assemble that list.

But wait, there’s more.

Gene $immons and Paul Stanley regurgitated a response in retaliation to the Hall’s confirmation of inducting only the four core/original members. From Paul (and I quote), “tainted, corrupted and distorted” Hall of Fame for being unwilling to discuss inducting anybody but the four original members of Kiss.”  WHAT?!? What a set of balls Paul has in creating so much drama surrounding their past lives with Ace and Peter and wanting to perform with their current “Ace” and “Peter” for the induction ceremony.  You’re going to lambast the Hall and tell them their rules suck? Gene’s statement tried to explain how ex-KISS members are like ex-wives/girlfriends and why would anyone want to bring their past/ex’s to a party.  Shut the fuck up, Chaim. THINK ABOUT YOUR FANS…end of story.

But wait, there’s more.

Ace Frehley released a statement a couple days ago and revealed that he and original drummer Peter Criss will not be joining their former bandmates on stage during April’s RRHOF induction ceremony. This is due to Gene and Paul having decided to perform with current members Tommy [Ace stand-in] and Eric [Peter stand-in], and the Hall is OK with that decision. Then Peter released his statement which included the following, “It’s disappointing to have to say to you, the fans, Ace and I have been denied a performance with Gene and Paul for our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. This is disgraceful and I feel bad for the fans who were looking forward to the four of us being inducted together.”

But wait, there’s more.

Today, Gene and Paul dropped this shitbomb on the fans, “To bring this to a quick end, we have decided not to play in any line-up and we will focus our attention on celebrating our induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.” You can find the entire statement online, but Gene also mentioned he and Paul wanted to celebrate the entire history of KISS w/all past and current members.  Yeah, OK Gene. Let’s get back to reality now.

As it stands, Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul will stand at the podium together, make their individual speeches, accept their RRHOF award and then that will be the last time we ever see the four original members of KISS in the same room ever again.  Well played Demon and Star Child, well played.  I’m sure your fans are proud of you both.  Thanks for taking the high road, tearing off the ego suits for an evening and making peace with Ace and Peter for a few hours. Thanks again.

By the way, how soon will KISS Online be carrying the “official” KISS Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame t-shirts w/the images of the original lineup? Just curious.

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